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lawfulness but on its face i don't see any evidence they're flouting the law.
and that is restricted by law. now, we've changed the law after 9/11 to say just that it's okay to -- it's okay to collect information from u.s. facilities because lots of foreign traffic passes through there. now, we have not added restrictions because a lot of americans' traffic passes through foreign switches. we now have this global internet and so you can be sitting in boise and log on to your yahoo! account or your google account and you're actually talking to a server in finland which is getting information from a data center in south america. so the information in your account is being synchronized across the data centers so as it moves across you can have five years of e-mails packaged up moving across the wire and this program will intercept it. whether they keep it and under what circumstances, all those
for affordable health insurance. >> the governors and state legislators that embraced this law are delivering for their communities. but those elected who are trying to ignore the opportunities presented and continue to throw up roadblocks both here in congress and in state legislators should not now seem surprised that there are significant bumps along the way. this seems to be completely disingenuous. >> reporter: in today's testimony, secretary sebelius didn't address calls by some republicans that she resign. she promised again the website will be fixed by november 30. and she took on the criticism insurance companies are canceling thousands of existing policies despite the president's pledge individuals could keep their plans if they wanted to. in other words, they'd be grandfathered in. >> we outlined the grandfather policy so people could keep their own plans. we then began to implement the other features of the affordable care act. so if someone is buying a brand new policy in the individual market today or last week, they will have consumer protections for the first time. but if, aga
, for instance, have to get yeah or nay from the senate foreign relations committee. it's a quirk in the law. not the whole senate but the foreign relations committee. the senators, the two leading senators, chairman robert mendez-- a democrat-- and bob corker of tennessee-- the republican-- and many others, senator mccain who you saw interviewed this week, all believe that maliki's exacerbating his problems but alienating the sunnis. they do things like go into sunni neighborhoods and round up 500 young men in the name of fighting terrorism and one american official told them "you're making the same mistakes we made in iraq early on, we create more terrorists." they're concerned about allowing iranian overflights of material and weapons to assad's forces in syria and finally they are very concerned that any counterterrorism or weapons they give, maliki could use to repress his own people because they have cracked down on a lot of protesters. so the white house -- let me just say briefly-- sees all that but they are most concerned about this absolutely volatile situation along that border be
trial began in milwaukee today on wisconsin's voter i.d. law. it's the latest flashpoint in a nationwide battle over such measures. the wisconsin law requires a driver's license or other photo i.d. to vote. republicans say it targets fraud. democrats argue the law discriminates because the poor and minorities are less likely to have such i.d.s. wall street opened the week with a relatively calm day. the dow jones industrial average gained 23 points to close at 15,639. the nasdaq rose 14 points. to still ahead on the newshour, the largest penalty ever for insider trading on wall street. egypt's ousted president morsi's defiant day in court. what it's like to support a family of seven on $8 an hour. taxing marijuana in colorado and other initiatives on the ballot tomorrow. >> plus a trov of 1500 paintings looted by the nazis found in a munich apartment. >> ifill: today's insider trading plea by the hedge fund, s.a.c. capital advisers, was notable not just for its financial penalty but also for the prosecutors' pursuit of criminal charges against the firm. jeffrey brown takes a deeper look
't observe daylight saving time. they don't have to. it's not required by law. so they may have pan easier time computing phone differences. afterall, that takes time. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes. [annobut it gets down right comploverwhelming is. when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. >>> many people text more than they talk, but could that be hurting relationships more than helping them. tonight on the news at 11, the conversations you need to have in person rather than typing. >> i like the idea of that story. it's all about the screen. hey a mild night in the 60s and cooling off. again, don't forget to fall back sunday morning. >> want to throw some pumpkins around? >> oh, there they go, painting them purple, too. . >>> welcome to world news, and the br
of congress took fresh aim at the new health care law today. the house ways and means committee called in the head of the centers for medicare and medicaid services, who accepted responsibility for some of the problems with the health care web site. newshour congressional correspondent kwame holman begins our coverage. >> to the millions of americans who have attempted to use let thot shop sand enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you that the web sipt has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: at the outset, health program administrateor marilyn tavier acknowledged the problems with the web site that launched october 1. but she ran into skeptics over the administration's new timeline to fix the computer access roadblocks by the end of november. >> you've had nearly four years to get it ready, now you're saying in four weeks more it will be great. so what's different? why should anyone believe these claims? >> because i think we have identified two major problems: one had to do with the initial volume and despite our best volume projections, we underestimated t
lawfulness but on its face i don't see any evidence they're flouting the law. they're using it in ways the companies and public did not expect. >> ifill: that's exactly what it is. so tell me what kind of information they're getting. are they actually getting information from people's accounts? do we even know? or is this just the fact that they have the ability to get this information? >> well, we don't know how much they're keeping. but the way the law works, as soon as you touch it, as soon as you divert the information from where it's been going into a pot that you control, that's called acquisition. that's collection and that is restricted by law. now, we've changed the law after 9/11 to say just that it's okay to -- it's okay to collect information from u.s. facilities because lots of foreign traffic passes through there. now, we have not added restrictions because a lot of americans' traffic passes through foreign switches. we now have this global internet and so you can be sitting in boise and log on to your yahoo! account or your google account and you're actually talking to a
that it would be absolutely unbearable for us if german law was broken on german ground. now it turns out that this was the case. >> reporter: which made it nearly certain that the fallout is far from over and that difficult talks lie ahead. to that end a delegation of u.s. lawmakers plans to journey to brussels soon. >> ifill: we'll have more on how intelligence-gathering is fraying relations with u.s. allies, right after the news summary. penn state university will pay nearly $60 million to 26 men over claims they were sexually abused as children. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky was convicted last year of abusing ten boys. they are among those settled with the university today. we'll have more on the payouts and what led to them later in the program. a federal judge in texas struck down a new state restriction on abortion clinics today, one day before it was scheduled to take effect. the rule requires doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. opponents said that would force dozens of clinics to close. another provision-- banning abortions after 20 weeks--
foreign purposes and we only work within the law. >> reporter: we confirmed u.s. intelligence has listened on the phone conversations of the leaders of 35 american allies, reports drew sharp criticism from both parties. >> the reports are very disturbing. friends don't spy on friends. >> reporter: or do we? is the spying on friends still going on? >> is the united states now listening in on the phone conversations of friendly presidents and prime ministers? >> jon, i'm not going to get into a discussion of specific reported activities, intelligence gathering activities. >> reporter: are we listening in on the phone conversations of friendly heads of state? >> i'm not going to talk about specific alleged or reported intelligence gathering operations. >> reporter: but the head of the nsa warned that new limits on u.s. espionage could be dangerous. >> it's much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. >> reporter: the spy chiefs also flatly denied reports that they had coll
participants from all walks of life. >> you know, obviously regular shooters, other hunters, maybe law enforcement. we even pulled some traditional standard people that have just shot once or twice before but they are just into zombies. > >> the winner will receive a survival kit complete with candy bars, bottle openers, duct tape and a raffle will be held for a shot . gun. >>> ellie wells is a senior. she is the belaire student athlete of the week. she is on the sailing team but it's knots the wind that pushes her. it's her friend. >> reporter: where else would you want to be? on the water. sailing the severn where wind takes you to where you want to go. >> she is my drive, my inspiration and the reason i set out to achieve my goal. >> reporter: there was no wind at one time, a beautiful day turned worse than ugly. ellie watched her great friend drown. olivia did everything right, when everything went wrong. >> it was a pretty traumatic event but i moved forward by dedicating myself to sailing in her honor. >> reporter: she now has a second win. >> every day when i go sailing i k
stand up and speak out. >> well, the law would make it a felony offense to post a sexually explicit image of someone without their consent with a five-year prison sentence a $25,000 fine or both. >>> an officer stopped a driver in a repetitive hall car and found the man violated the rnt tal car agreement and decided to search the car. he found three rifle the in the trunk. the driver took off running into traffic. he was hit by a van and died in -- died at the scene. the driver's name has not been released. >>> a man is dead after a fire in northwest baltimore this morning. it broke out just after 5 in the 3800 block of hilton road. crews found the man in cardiac arrest. he was taken to sinai hospital where he later died. >>> we told you that facebook, twitter and other social media sites can be anything but friendly for your kids. it's one of the reasons the state passed the cyber bullying law. now one school is putting it to use. don harrison explain was happened at annapolis high. >> administrators caught 11 annapolis students cyber bullying after they got a tip early this week.
. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. >>> we have a photo to start our "instant index" tonight because life is imitating beloved art. finding nemo. remember this scene, the mom and dad checking in on their soon to be hatched eggs. >> we still have to name them. >> tonight a photographer has captured the real event. this is a clown fish keeping a washful eye over her eggs in the waters of the red sea, real thing. >>> and real thing, new proof of the lion hearted tonight. a liones in africa hugging two men who saved her when she was a can you be, cast out by her pride. they have taught her to hunt and they plan to release her back into the wild. reminding us of course of that other video we all loved
of the law caught up with two of the four inmates who escaped this oklahoma jail sunday. officers spotted them at this convenience store. >> the cops swarmed up, like ten of them. we got outside. that one just dropped his stuff. the only one ran down the block into the alley. >> reporter: less than 20 miles from the jail where they made their well orchestrated escape. >> they have all the time in the world to think how to do things. >> reporter: they gathered in a jail bathroom and unscrewed a metal plate above the shower and hoisted themselves up to a crawl space and snaked along the jail's plumbing system. at the end of those pipes authorities say the men had knocked holes in the concrete. they dropped to the ground floor and they walked right through that door. out here on the street, a woman spotted those orange jump suits almost immediately. she called police but couldn't be sure if it was just some guys in their halloween costumes. but this was all too real. so was the one next door in arkansas back in july. this inmate dove through the jail's tiny visitation window and ran to freed
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)